Google Map Shortcode

Avada has integration for Google Maps. We have a dedicated contact page template with map integration that allows you to set many different map options via our theme options panel. In addition, we have a google map shortcode that can be used on any page or post, or widget section. We include intuitive options that allow you to use the default google map styles, or customize the options to fit your branding style. Avada also lets you select multiple map locations on a single map, each with its own content. Select 4 map types, display a color overlay, upload a custom map marker, customize the map popup box along with many other unique options.

4 Different Google Map Types

Make your website interesting by choosing between 4 Google Map designs: Google Map Roadmap, Google Map Satellite, Google Map Hybrid, or Google Map Terrain.

Google Map Roadmap

Google Map Satellite

Google Map Hybrid

Google Map Terrain

Customization Settings

Easily customize map styles, info box colors, and content! Not only do we offer Google Map’s default styles, but Avada has also included a Theme Map Style that’s unique to Avada, and a totally customizable map style called Custom Map Styling!

Default Google Styling

The default map style gives you the exact styling that comes from Google Maps. This includes all the map coloring, the info box styles and map marker. This is the classic Google Maps styling!

Theme Map Styling

We have added a custom theme styling that is unique to the Avada theme. When using this styling, the map color overlay, map marker and info box will be automatically set with our unique settings!

Custom Map Styling

The custom map style allows you to use any uploaded image or icon as a custom map marker. As well as any overlay color, infobox background and text color. This is perfect for branding your site!